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What Is the Cost of Window Cleaning? Here’s What You Should Know

cost of window cleaning

Window cleaning is an exhausting task that many home and office owners need to deal with. Many people think that clean windows are just for aesthetic purposes, but did you know that dirty windows can affect your health?

If you want to maintain your house’s beauty and your family’s health, you must thoroughly clean the windows. While many try to do that themselves, this job is best left to the professionals. 

Proper window cleaning requires various tools like scrubbers, squeegees, quality detergents, and other safety equipment. But will that break the bank? What is the cost of window cleaning?

There are various pricing methods. Reach out to Clear View Window Cleaning if you want your windows cleaned the right way.

How Is Window Cleaning Priced?

There are various pricing methods for how professional window cleaning is priced. However, the following three are the most common:

According to the Number of Windows/Panes

Setting the overall cost of your window cleaning service depends largely on how many windows/panes you have.

The majority of cleaning companies use this method, and it’s suitable for residential homes and small company buildings where it’s easier to count all the widows.

But larger buildings with many windows may not be the best candidates for this method. 

According to the Labor Hours

Some window cleaning companies that use expensive cleaning materials tend to charge their clients per hour, regardless of the number of windows.

This method is more suitable for bigger buildings where getting an accurate count of windows could be difficult.

According to the Size of Your House

Some companies disregard the number of windows and focus on how big your house is.

For example, according to Fixr, if your house is around 1,500 square feet, your should pay anywhere between $220–$280.

What Is the Average Price for Cleaning Windows?

Prices will differ according to company and location, but you should expect to pay around $5–$10 per pane and $10–$20 per window. You may pay a few extra dollars for high-end companies.

Companies that charge you per hour tend to have an average between $50–$80 per hour. High-end companies may push that up to $95 per hour. 

As for companies that charge per building size, we’ll base our pricing on the average home size in the U.S., which is 2,000 sq. ft. Accordingly, the total cost will range between $250–$350.

Note that we’re talking about external cleaning only, which is the primary service offered by most cleaning companies.

Some companies offer internal window cleaning, but the price increase can vary depending on the location of your windows and how dirty they are from the inside.

Factors That Increase the Cost of Window Cleaning

Price for Cleaning Windows from professional window cleaners

The prices can go beyond (and sometimes below) the averages. Here are some of the contributing factors:

Size of Your House

The size of your house is one of the most significant price controllers, as bigger houses naturally have more windows. 

And some companies charge you based on the size of your house regardless of the number and type of windows available. 

Types of Your Windows

On average, one window will set you back around $10–$20. However, the same company can charge you $10 for a window and $15 for another because one type is harder to clean than the other. 

Here are the most common types of windows arranged from the easiest to hardest to clean:

  1. Sliding Windows ($10)

Sliding windows are the most common windows. Most homeowners don’t even bother getting a cleaning company, as cleaning those simple sliders is hassle-free. 

All you have to do is to detach them, take them into your house, and clean them. If you have clear access from inside the house to the outer layer of the windows, you won’t even have to detach them.

Most cleaning companies will charge you around $10 per sliding window. 

  1. Single-Hung Windows ($12)

Single-hung windows are as common as sliding ones. In most cases, one pane of the glass is fixed in place while the other can be moved around. 

However, unlike sliding windows, detaching single-hung windows can be challenging. As such, you won’t be able to bring them inside.

Cleaning companies often charge around $12 per window. If there’s a protective screen, the price will be slightly higher. 

  1. Double-Hung Windows ($12)

Double-hung windows are identical to single-hung ones, but the difference is that you can move both panes.

Cleaning them will usually cost you the same $12. But if there’s a screen, you’ll pay a bit more.

  1. Casement Windows ($15–$30)

Casement windows have the same appearance as sliding windows, but the opening mechanism utilizes a crank system, allowing you to push the panes outward. 

These windows can have 2–4 panes, which is why the price range ($15–$30) is a bit more variable than the other window types.

Screens are common with casement windows, and cleaning them costs extra. 

  1. Skylight Windows ($25–$35)

The primary issue with skylight windows is their accessibility. These glass panels are placed on the roof, making them hard to reach.

The more difficult it is for the cleaner to reach your skylights, the more you’ll get to the $40 mark and vice versa. 

The high price is attributed to the use of safety equipment, ladders, ropes, and the extra time spent.

  1. Sunbursts ($25–$40)

Sunburst windows often have multiple panes arranged in a semi-circle. The shape of the window, mixed with the numerous glass panes, can add to the complexity of cleaning.

The cleaners are no longer cleaning one glass sheet; they’re individually following the geometry of every glass pane, which raises the price. 

Keep in mind that if you want to clean the inside shutters as well, you’ll pay a little extra. 

  1. Storm Windows ($30–$40)

Storm windows are essentially the “screen protectors” of your windows. They’re mainly used for insulation and protection against weather elements.

For those windows to be cleaned, the cleaner will have to detach them, clean them, then place them back again — all while hanging outside your window.

The added risk, paired with the complexity of the process, can give a cost range of $30–$40.

The Location of Your Windows

One house owner can get five windows cleaned for $100, while his neighbor would pay $150 for the same number of windows. 

Why? Because the windows of house #1 were more accessible than house #2. The company won’t have to factor in the cost of ladders, ropes, and other safety equipment to reach those higher glass panels.

The Amount of Dirt on the Windows

Dirty window glass with dust and dried raindrops backlit with a sunset light on a blurred background of city outlines. Dirty glass lit by the sun. Texture. Front view.

It’s only natural that one clean sweep of your windows will cost less than scraping off mineral deposits off of windows. 

These deposits are the leftover materials from the constant water deposition and evaporation on your windows.

Regular cleaning detergents will have a hard time taking those off, forcing the cleaners to rely on pricier cleaning solutions which raise the overall price.

Cleaning Windows From Outside vs. From Inside

Most companies clean your windows only from the outside, as the inside is often accessible by the householder and can be easily cleaned.

However, some householders may want a comprehensive cleaning service or may not be able to clean windows that are even hard to reach from inside, like skylights.

In that case, you may also request cleaning the windows from the inside. You should expect an extra couple of dollars for the easy-to-reach windows and $5+ for the hard-to-access ones.

Cleaning Extra Components

You may have extra components around your windows that you’d like the cleaning company to clean for you. For example, some window cleaning companies are equipped to clean window shutters, curtains, and solar panels.

But not all companies provide that service, and you’ll pay a bit more to utilize such services if they’re available. 

Can I Clean My Windows Myself?

If you’d like to save some money by cleaning your windows yourself, you can certainly do so. 

Still, even if you’re a DIY fanatic, you’re unlikely to thoroughly clean your windows as a specialized cleaning company would. The difference in cleaning quality is even more apparent if your home has multiple windows on multiple levels. 

As such, the best approach to reduce the cost while still benefiting from the superior cleaning quality is to get only your windows cleaned. Don’t bother with extra services like cleaning windows from the inside, cleaning shutters, and cleaning curtains.

Except for skylights, cleaning windows from the inside is simple and safely doable by any adult family member. As for curtains, most of them are removable and cleanable.

What Can Clear View Window Cleaning Offer You?

cost of window cleaning. Maid cleans window

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The Bottom Line

Whether it’s a house or an office building, the cleanliness of glass panels is a major beauty aspect of the establishment.

If your windows are hard to reach from outside, feel free to reach out to the professionals. Call us at (605) 334 4032 or send an email to to get your free quote. 

We’re available Monday to Saturday from 8 AM to 5 PM. If you’d like to know more about window cleaning and how we do it, check out our blog.